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Welcome to Music


Spring Chorus Concert
May 24th, 2023     6:00pm

Bowdoin Central School Gymnasium

About Music at BCS and BHM

"We don't teach the arts because they make you smarter, or because it's fun. We teach the arts because they are the essential core of the human spirit." - Dr. Dennis Cox

Here at Bowdoin Central and Bowdoinham Community Schools the arts, both visual and performing, are an integral part of our every-day learning experiences. Classroom music is offered to all students once per week for 40-45 minutes from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.


Each week in Music class, we sing, dance, play instruments, and learn so many different aspects of music and the music industry. We learn about musicians and composers from all over the world, how to listen to and actively and thoughtfully respond to music, the instruments and families of the orchestra, modern day pop artists, various genres and sub-genres of music, musical theatre, opera, and how to compose our own simple songs and rhythms!


Chorus is an elective available to all students in fourth and fifth grade once per week during the school day, as well as a Special Chorus for students who wish to continue their music instructions outside of the normal school day.

Band is an elective offering available to all fifth grade students who are interested in pursuing instrumental instruction from our district-wide elementary band teacher, Mrs. Dawne-Marie Powers. Band is offered once per week before school for school-based ensemble, once per week for small group pull-out lessons during the school day, and two evenings per month at the Orion Performing Arts Center to rehearse as the All-District Elementary Band.

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